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Second Passports & Dual Citizenships

Today, U.S. citizens and other U.S. taxpayers are increasingly renouncing their U.S. citizenship for a more favourable alternative, and at a growing rate. The number of Americans who have actually renounced their U.S. citizenships—not just expatriated—has more than doubled in number since 2011. The trend is likely to increase substantially, especially as a result of the passage of FATCA, and now its enforcement as of July 1, 2014, and other oppressive actions by the Obama regime.

Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives, and Barber Financial Advisors has extensive experience with assisting clients in securing new citizenship and a new passport. We presently offer two countries, both with many attractive features, and at relatively reasonable costs, allowing you to obtain a valuable citizenship and passport and offering you visa-free travel worldwide, and best of all, a tax-free life. Imagine, no more IRS or other big-brother taxing authority looming over your daily existence! You will also be able to conduct your personal and business financial life offshore without the restrictions of FATCA, or any other limitations imposed on your liberties by the IRS or the U.S. government—or if presently from another oppressive jurisdiction, your home-based authorities.

Of course, Barber Financial Advisors services clients from the four corners of the world, and citizens from other countries also have their reasons for making the same all-important and freeing decision to renounce their citizenship from their own country, often for similar reasons, such as freedom to travel, to live a tax-free lifestyle, and to secure a better, less oppressive future for themselves and their families.

And best of all, it’s perfectly legal!

For more information on our exciting Second Passport and Dual Citizenship programs, contact us today. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. Email us at or or telephone us in Vancouver, B.C., Canada at (604) 657-8689.